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Why people go for chain drive openers despite their noise?

Most people would go for chain drive garage door openers because they are cheaper than then other types and also stronger. Actually, the chain drive opener is recommended by our specialists in Pantego for heavy use garage doors. Some people like the noise since they are alerted if someone breaks-in.

How do I test the balance of the door?

Garage door balance is tested by seeing whether it remains stable in one place or drifts just a little. In order to do that, you must disengage and unplug the electric opener, open the door half way and let it go. If the door falls or starts moving upwards, it needs to be balanced.

What should I look for in a new garage door opener?

The unit has to operate smoothly and to be fairly quiet. It has to be durable as well. The power of the motor should correspond to the weight of the door. It is best if you go for an opener with rolling code technology for achieving a high level of security.

My garage doors do not fit properly and have cracks. Should I replace them?

Cracked and poorly fitting doors can let in the elements and harm any stored item inside the garage. The older doors are also easy to break into, putting you in a great risk. Replacing the garage door by reputed specialists at garage door repair Pantego is recommended.

Why doesn't the door close well?

If there's a gap under the door, there are three things you can do according to our technicians. The first is to check the door's balance and adjust the garage door springs. The second is to check the bottom seal and take care of possible problems. The third is to check the opener and turn the DOWN button till the door is closed.

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